Nakashima Yuzushu, 720ml


Made from the finest grown yuzu fruit (a Japanese citrus fruit, like a combination of a mandarin and a lime) and blended with premium grade Junmai sake, this Yuzushu really delivers. The taste is tangy and clean, with a touch of bitter-sweet- ness. Rich fruity body with nice acidity. It is an aperitif, digestif or dessert sake, ideal as a cocktail ingredient, perfect for a long, refreshing spritzer. It pairs well with strong-flavoured sushi, fruit, creamy desserts and ice cream. Excellent chilled and on the rocks, with soda or tonic or as a Yuzushu spritzer.

Rice polishing ratio:
Alcohol: 6.5%
Profile: Sweet & fresh
SMV: -56
Acidity: 8.0

Serve chilled or on the rocks


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