Dewatsuru Ideha No Mezame 720ml


This sake is brewed as a Daiginjo by the famous Dewatsuru Brewery and is bottled and stored at a low temperature for over 10 years in the brewery to create a fine taste. An excellent Daiginjo aged sake with a deep flavour that leaves a beautiful aftertaste.

Classification: DAIGINJO
Available in: 720ml
Tasting Notes: Dry rich taste with an afternote of the excellent Yamadanishiki rice it is made from.
Food Pairing: Kabayaki eel, foie gras, roast beef duck, capo tofu, Chinese dishes.
Profile: Dry
Rice polishing ratio: 35%
Alcohol: 17.4%
SMV: +5
Acidity: 1.4/1.0
Prize: Won the KURA MASTER prize
Serve: Chilled


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