Chateau Les Hauts de Caillevel

Château Les Hauts de Caillevel is a 23-hectare wine estate, located in Pomport, in the south of Bergerac, in the Dordogne. Caillevel comes from the word caillou, and refers to the rock on which the domain is located. Perched at the end of the Pomport plateau, the estate slopes gently before the cliff. This cliff is hidden in the forest bordering the Gardonette, a precious river that brings the mist that is essential for making the Monbazillac. This chateau is committed to cultivating the vine with respect for Man and Nature, using organic farming and meeting strict specifications to preserve the environment. On a daily basis, it is a work of rigor, listening and observation. They treat the vines with natural mineral products such as copper or sulphur, which they use reasonably and harvest their vines mechanically for the Whites and the Reds, and manually for the Monbazillac.